Understanding Collagen and How to Increase its Production

The infusion of science and technology in the beauty and wellness industry has become a catalyst in its transformational change. Whether you are buying serums or going for slim sculpt services, you might have come across the word collagen. Today, a majority of skincare products and services focus on boosting collagen production in the skin. But what is collagen, and why its optimum production is essential for our skin health?

In this blog, we will discuss some essential aspects of collagen and treatments that boost its production.

What is collagen?

The term ‘collagen’ is taken from a Greek word, ‘kolla.’ The literal translation of Kolla is glue. Collagen is a naturally produced protein found in our bones, ligaments, muscles, and skin. Collagen is the primary component of skin that prevents it from tearing or sagging. Collagen is responsible for giving structural strength to the skin. The elasticity and suppleness of the skin are all due to the presence of collagen in the skin.

Though our body naturally produces collagen, the production decreases as we grow older. Low collagen level in the skin starts manifesting as fine lines and skin folds. When collagen production in the skin reduces, the skin cells are no longer able to support proper structure. This is the reason why we get fine lines, and saggy and wrinkled skin as we age.

Luckily, beauty products and collagen supplements are available in the market that claims to replenish the skin’s collagen level and improve skin elasticity and blood circulation. Numerous tanning salons in Virginia beach offer collagen treatments to fight signs of aging and wrinkles.

Popular beauty treatments to increase collagen production in the skin

There are several intrinsic and topical measures and treatments to safely restore the collagen level in the skin. Before taking any treatment, it’s best to consult your doctor or dermatologist to avoid any complications.

  • Lasers treatments

Laser therapies and treatments like red light skin therapy and slim sculpt services are some of the most popular measures to counter depleting collagen. These treatments are both corrective and preventive in nature. In laser treatment, the laser beams remove the skin’s upper layer and heat the fat cells. The heated cells from the treated area get vaporized. The skin cells peep naturally, encouraging the production of fresh collagen.

  • Botox

Botox treatment relaxes the tight muscles around the eyes and on the forehead. People who have undergone Botox treatment have reported experiencing improvement in collagen. Botox prevents the tearing of the collagen by relaxing the muscles and skin.

  • Microneedling

Microneedling is the process of creating microscopic punctures in the skin tissues. The process triggers our skin’s natural healing response and increases the production of collagen. When the level of collagen in the skin is restored, the skin regains its elasticity and suppleness.

  • Chemical peels

Face packs and masks have been a part of our beauty regime for a long time. Now, chemical peels are gaining popularity as an effective treatment to boost collagen in the skin. Chemical peels work similarly to resurfacing lasers. Before trying your hands on chemical peels, consult your dermatologist.…